We strive to make your property maintenance inspection as seamless as possible. It's our job to visually inspect, it's your job to relax!

First step...make the call!

Once you call for a home maintenance inspection we discuss our inspection process as well as the best way to save! Don't worry, you won't get a recorded message, a human will answer your call!

Second step...You decide!

After receiving the information that you need, you decide how you would like to proceed. Once you are on our calendar, your property will receive it's monthly maintenance inspection on the same day every month, just as you requested!

Third step...Relax! Your home maintenance inspection is scheduled!

Once you are on on our calendar, no worries! Within 48 hours of our doing the visual maintenance inspection on your property, you will receive a PDF report with exterior photos, a photo of every room, and a photo of any area of concern. A complete report along with the photos will be in your "In" box so you can see and read about the inspection.

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