What We Do Every Month



  •  Indoor plumbing valves and fittings for leaks

  •  Caulk in kitchen and bathroom(s) - Is the caulk cracked, shrunk or missing?

  •  Garbage disposals. Does the disposal work? Are there any leaks from the disposal?

  •  GFCI outlets

  •  HVAC - Replace filters

  •  Doors - Hinges and doors still in place? Any damage to the door?

  •  Foundation and driveway cracks

  •  Electricity for signs of damage or shorts

  •  Screens and windows for tears and breakage

  •  Gutters and downspouts – Are they still attached? Is a downspout missing?

  •  Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors - Do the batteries need to be replaced?

Every month your property has a visual maintenance inspection 

and receives new HVAC filters.


What you receive:

  • Peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your property with a prevention plan that will save you money!

  • PDF maintenance inspection report that is emailed to the property owner within 48 hours of inspection.

  • Photos of the exterior of the property, every room, and any areas of concern.

  • Reduced labor rate if repairs are requested by property owner (only applies to yearly contracts).

As us about our multiple property savings!




Our visual maintenance inspection is a monthly scheduled visit so you have the assurance and peace of mind that your home or investment property will receive the best preventative care possible. With a visual and photo examination of your home systems, structure and components we identify potential problems or hazards before they become a costly repair.* 

Each monthly maintenance inspection

embodies our dedication to uncompromising quality and exceptional service!

* This is not a home inspection that is used when purchasing a property. 


  • HVAC filters - standard filters. HEPA filters are an additional fee. 

  • Batteries in smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors (as needed)

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